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Investment Opportunity in Organic Farmlands

Rs 20-25 Lacs

About This Property

About The Developer

An Established name in the Hospitality Industry

Currently operates two Resorts in Wayanad

Delivered its first project in Tamil Nadu by the name of Blooms Eco Village 2015

Has an expertise in offering investment deals that offer higher than market returns

Also holds expertise in creating eco friendly structures and organic farming



23 Km from Krishnagiri

57 Km from Sarjapura Road

60 Km from Hosur Road

80 Km rom Electronic City

95 Km from the Silk Board Junction


18 Farmlands of 1 Acre each

Organic Farming will be done with the feasible crops of the client’s choice

Three Years Maintenance by the builder till the cycle for sowing and harvest gets settled

Price – Rs 20 Lakhs/Acre

The Investment Offer

Investor pays Rs 15 Lakhs for 1 Acre

Investor is given a guarantee of minimum buy back at Rs 20 Lakhs/Acre

Any surplus above Rs 20 Lakhs will be shared equally with the developer

So, if the plot gets sold Rs 30 Lakhs, the investor will make Rs 10 Lakhs from the deal

If the investor wants to hold on to the property, he’ll have to pay Rs 8 Lakhs before registration, that’ll make his purchase price Rs 23 Lakhs

Appreciation Credentials

The Developer has expertise in the creating such projects and therefore development within the project provides much scope for appreciation

The Developer also has a lot of HNI clients who share the passion for organic farming, therefore a good community of likeminded families is assured

Hobby Farmers who’ve bought in his previous project include Directors, Wealth Managers and Established Entrepreneurs

The previous project, Eco Village I on Berigai Road appreciated from its launch price Rs 12 Lakh/acre to Rs 25 Lakh/acre in a span of just 10 months only because of the development within the project

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